Feel the Difference

8.30am to 10.30am 

Continental Breakfast LKR 800
Two Eggs
(Fried,Boiled,Scrambled,Sri Lankan or Classic Omelette)
Served with your choice of one of the following:
Two slices of Ham with Grilled Tomatoes
Two slices of Bacon with Grilled Tomatoes
Two Sausages with Grilled Tomatoes
Two slices of Cheese
One portion of Fried Mushrooms
Toast, butter & jam
Pot of Sri Lankan Tea or Sri Lankan Coffee
Fruit Platter or Fresh Fruit Juice
Extra items can be ordered at a price
of Sri Lankan Breakfast (by order only)
LKR 250
Sri Lankan Breakfast
Pot of tea or Sri Lankan coffee
String Hoppers, Fish Curry or Egg Curry (v)
Pol (coconut sambol)
LKR 700
Extra Curries can be ordered at a price
of Sri Lankan Breakfast
LKR 250

(Government Tax & Service Charge Free)



Menu 1
Mixed Fried Rice LKR 700
Chicken Fried Rice LKR 600
Beef Fried Rice LKR 600
Pork Fried Rice LKR 600
Prawn Fried Rice LKR 900
Seafood Fried Rice LKR 800
Nasi Goreng LKR 950
Vegetable Fried Rice with Fish,Chicken,
Beef or Prawn Curry
LKR 1000
Prawns Sri Lankan Curry LKR 900
Chicken Sri Lankan Curry LKR 850
Beef Sri Lankan Curry LKR 800
Fish Sri Lankan Curry LKR 800
Black Pork Sri Lankan Curry LKR 850
Grilled Chicken Bockwurst LKR 700
Grilled Frankishe Bratwurst LKR 700
Grilled Sausages LKR 600
Grilled Chicken with Red Wine Sauce LKR 1100
Lemon Chicken LKR 1200
Roast Half Chicken with Gravy LKR 1300
Grilled Herb Chicken LKR 1200
Sweet & Sour Chicken LKR 1300
Chicken Viennese LKR 1250
Chicken Cordom Bleu LKR 1300
Pepper Steak LKR 1350
Nebula Special Steak LKR 1400
Grilled Fillet Steak LKR 1300
Sirloin Steak LKR 1250
Beef Stroganoff LKR 1000
Grilled Pork Chops LKR 1400
Mixed Grilled LKR 2250
Pork Goulash with Noodles LKR 1200
Chicken Strogonoff LKR 1000
Gammof Steak LKR 1500
Tenderloin Veal Steak with Red Wine Sauce (Imported) LKR 3500
Grilled Lamb Chops with Red Wine Glass (Imported) LKR 4850
Vegetable Noodles LKR 700
Mixed Vegetable Curry LKR 750
Vegetable Rice LKR 650
Boiled Vegetables LKR 600
Vegetable Chop Suey LKR 650
Spaghetti Napolitan LKR 700
Vegetable Au Gratin LKR 700
Cheese Sandwich LKR 600
Cheese and Tomato Sandwich LKR 600
Chicken Sandwich LKR 600
Ham Sandwich LKR 600
Cheese and Ham Sandwich LKR 600
Egg Sandwich LKR 600
Club Sandwich LKR 800
Fish Sandwich LKR 600
Beef Burger LKR 950
Chicken Burger LKR 980
Chinese Roll LKR 550

Sandwiches are served with French fries.



Menu 2
Mixed Noodles LKR 700
Chicken Noodles LKR 600
Beef Noodles LKR 600
Pork Noodles LKR 600
Prawns Noodles LKR 900
Seafood Noodles LKR 700
Seafood Koththu Roti LKR 700
Plain Omelette LKR 400
Sri Lankan Omelette LKR 450
Cheese Omelette LKR 600
Ham Omelette LKR 600
Fried Egg LKR 250
Spaghetti Bolognese LKR 850
Spaghetti Carbonara LKR 1000
Homemade Seafood Pasta LKR 950
Prawn Deviled Dishes LKR 950
Beef Deviled Dishes LKR 750
Chicken Deviled Dishes LKR 800
Pork Deviled Dishes LKR 800
Tuna Fish Deviled Dishes LKR 750
Cuttle Fish Deviled Dishes LKR 800
Sausage Deviled Dishes LKR 750



Menu 3
Tomato & Onion Salad LKR 300
Cucumber Salad LKR 300
Mixed Salad LKR 350
Chef’s Special LKR 600
Potato Salad LKR 550
Tuna & Olive Salad LKR 600
Green Salad LKR 500
Chicken Hawaiian Salad LKR 700
French Onion Soup LKR 400
Tomato Soup LKR 400
Vegetable Soup LKR 400
Cream of Chicken LKR 450
Tom Yam LKR 450
Garlic Soup LKR 400
Prawn Cocktail with Toast LKR 650
Seafood Cocktail LKR 650
Crack Cocktail LKR 600
French Fries LKR 350
Plain Rice LKR 200
Cashew Nuts LKR 700
Papadam LKR 120
Bread & Butter LKR 200
Onion Rings LKR 525



Menu 4
Seafood Platter Daily Price
Grilled Lobster Daily Price
Grilled Jumbo Prawns Daily Price
Lobster Thermidor Daily Price
Sweet and Sour Prawns LKR 1400
Prawns and Mushrooms LKR 1300
Fried Prawns LKR 1350
Batter Fried Prawns LKR 1300
Drilled Sea Fish LKR 1300
Sweet and Sour Fish LKR 1300
Grilled Shark Fish LKR 1100
Deep Fried Fish LKR 1250
Fish and Chips LKR 1250
Indian Ocean Tuna Steak LKR 1100
Benson & Hedges
Gold Leaf



Choice of Ice Cream (2 Scoops) LKR 250
Nebula Delight LKR 700
Mixed Ice Cream (3 Scoops) LKR 375
Lychees with Vanilla Ice Cream LKR 400
Ice Cream (2 Scoops) LKR 375
Pineapple Surprise LKR 700
Fresh Fruit Platter LKR 500
Curd with Honey LKR 400
Banana Fritters LKR 450
Pineapple Fritters LKR 450
Fresh Fruit Salad LKR 450
Banana Split LKR 400
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream LKR 450
Watalappam LKR 250
Banana Pancake LKR 400
Fresh Papaya LKR 250
Fresh Pineapple LKR 250
Fresh Mango LKR 350
Fresh Watermelon LKR 250

Cafe Desserts 

Blueberry Cheese Cake LKR 500
Chocolate Fudge LKR 500
Honey Cake LKR 450
Nutella Brownie with Ice Cream LKR 500
Day & Cake LKR 450

Ice cream Sundaes

Pebbles Vanilla Sundae LKR 450
Caramel Mellow Sundae LKR 500
Chocolate Cookie Sundae LKR 500
Mixed Fruit Pebbles Sundae LKR 550
Roast Strawberry Sundae LKR 600
Coffee Creamy Sundae LKR 600

Ice cream Shakes & Floats

Chocolate Shake LKR 550
Oreo Shake LKR 650
Choco Banana Creamy Shake LKR 500
Peanut Butter Strawberry Shake LKR 600
Pepsi Floats LKR 400




Hot Beverages

Pot of Tea LKR 250
Cup of Tea LKR 100
Pot of Coffee (Sri Lankan) LKR 250
Cup of Coffee (Sri Lankan) LKR 100
Pot of Nescafe LKR 300
Cup of Nescafe LKR 150
Espresso LKR 300
Double Espresso LKR 320
Cafe Americano Small LKR 340
Cafe Americano Large LKR 420
Cappuccino Small LKR 380
Cappuccino Large LKR 480
Cafe Latte LKR 450
Caramel Macchiato LKR 460
Hot Chocolate LKR 500
Coffee Mocha Small LKR 450
Coffee Mocha Large LKR 550

Hot Tea

Ceylon Supreme Tea LKR 280
English Breakfast Tea LKR 280
Green Tea LKR 280
Ginger Tea . LKR 280
Herbal Tea LKR 280

Fresh Fruit Juices & Milk Shakes

Lime Soda LKR 350
Papaya Juice LKR 350
Pineapple Juice LKR 350
Orange Juice LKR 350
Watermelon Juice LKR 350
Mixed Fruit Juice LKR 400
Lime Juice LKR 350
Banana Milk Shake LKR 420
Chocolate Milk Shake LKR 400
Vanilla Milk Shake LKR 400
Mango Milk Shake LKR 430
Avocado Juice LKR 370
Mango Juice LKR 400
King Coconut (Thambili) LKR 150

Ice Tea

Ice Tea LKR 330
Iced Coffee LKR 350
Peach Iced Tea LKR 400
Lemon Iced Tea LKR 400
Passion Iced Tea LKR 400
Green Iced Tea LKR 400

Cold Coffee Beverages

Ice Latte LKR 400
Iced Coffe Mocha LKR 450
Cookie Mix Coffee Shake LKR 650
Irish Coffee Shake LKR 650
Cold Brew LKR 350
Espresso Soda LKR 400
Iced Caramel Macchiato LKR 680
Hazelnut Frappe LKR 500
Vanilla Frappe LKR 500
Creamy Iced Caramel Latte LKR 550

Cafe Special Beverages

Lime & Mint Crush LKR 450
Nutella Milk Shake LKR 600
Amaretto Coffee Cocktail LKR 600
Tropical Breeze LKR 500
Coca Cola LKR 170
Fanta LKR 170
Sprite LKR 170
Lemonade LKR 170
Soda LKR 170
Ginger Beer LKR 170
Tonic LKR 170
Bottled Water (1ltr) LKR 150
Bottled Water (500ml) LKR 100
Bitter Lemon LKR 170
Apfelschorle LKR 250
Bitburger Alcohol-free (330ml) LKR 450
Can of Coca Cola Light LKR 370
Can of Bitter Lemon (shweppes) LKR 370
Can of Soda LKR 370
Can of Tonic (shweppes) LKR 370
Can of Dry Ginger Ale (shweppes) LKR 370


Classic Mojito LKR 400
Old Passion Lemonade LKR 450
Apple Mojito LKR 480
Ginger Passion Lemonade LKR 500




Sparkling Wine

Torresella Prosecco LKR 4070
Cuvee Jean-Louis Blanc De Blanc Demi Sec LKR 3600

White Wine – French

Bouched Aine & Fils Chablis AOC LKR 7250
Robert Giraud La Collection Bordeaux Blanc AOC LKR 3500
Marius IGP Blanc LKR 3500

White Wine – Italian

Ruffino Orvieto Classico LKR 3900
Torresella Pinot Grigio LKR 3500

White Wine – Australian 

Hardys Stamp Chardonnay Sauvignon LKR 3200
Hardys Stamp Semillon Sauvignon LKR 3200
Banrock Station Chardonnay LKR 2900
Banrock Station Sauvignon Blanc LKR 2900

White Wine – South African 

The Beach House White LKR 3200
Tall Horse Chardonnay LKR 2900
Tall Horse Sauvignon Blanc LKR 2700

White Wine – Argentinian

Santa Julia Organic Chardonnay LKR 3300

White Wine – Chilean 

Cono Sur Sauvignon Blanc LKR 2500
Millaman Condor Chardonnay LKR 2300
Millaman Campero Sauvignon Blanc LKR 2000


Bouchard Aine & Fills Beaujolais AOC LKR 3300
Robert Giraud La Collection Bordeaux Rouge AOC LKR 3400


Toressella Refosco LKR 3500
Ruffino Chianti DOCG LKR 4600


Banrock Station Shiraz LKR 3000
Banrock Station Merlot LKR 3000

South African 

The Beach House Red LKR 3200
Tall Horse Pinotage LKR 2700
Tall Horse Cabernet Sauvignon LKR 2700


Santa Julia Organic Malbec LKR 3300


Cono Sur Carmenere LKR 2500
Millaman Campero Cabernet Sauvignon LKR 2000
Millman Campero Merlot LKR 2000

Rose Wine

Marius IGP Rose LKR 3500
Banrock Station White Shiraz Rose LKR 3000
Tall Horse Pinotage Rose LKR 2700
Toressella Pinot Grigio Rose LKR  3500

Glass Wine (150ml)

Millaman Condor Chardonnay LKR  550
Millaman Condor Cabernet Sauvignon LKR 550

Imported Beers 

Corona (355ml) LKR 750
Tiger Beer Bottle (640ml) LKR 450
Erdinger Weissbier Dark (550ml) LKR 1100
Erdinger Weissbier Fine Yeast (500ml) LKR  1100
San Miguel (330ml) LKR 700
Bit Burger (330ml) LKR 750
Bit Burger Alcohol Free (330ml) LKR  430


Magners Pear (330ml) LKR  740
Magners Originals (330ml) LKR 740

Sri Lanka 

Three Coins (625ml) LKR  420
Lion Larger (625ml) LKR 400
Carlsberg (640ml) LKR 470
Lion Stout (625ml) LKR  630
Strong Beer (625ml) LKR 600
Carlsberg SPB (640ml) LKR 650
Lion Can (500ml) LKR  400
Strong Can (500ml) LKR 600
Lion Draught Beer LKR 250
Oktoberfest Draught LKR  350


Gin Fizz
(Dry Gin,Fresh Lime,Sugar & Soda)
LKR 600
Cuba Libre
(Dark Rum,Fresh Lime & Cola)
LKR 500
Bloody Mary
(Vodka,Tomato Juice & Tabasco Sauce)
LKR 600
Pino Colada
(White Rum,Coconut Milk & Fresh Pineapple)
LKR  500
Highland Cooler
(Whiskey,Lime Juice & Dry Gingerale)
LKR 500
Arrack Cocktail (Old Arrack,Passion Juice,Fresh Lime Juice & Dry Ginerale) LKR 600
Plantan Punch
(Dark Rum,White Rum,Orange Juice,Pineapple Juice & Grenediayan Syrup)
LKR 600
(White Rum,Fresh Lime Juice,Mint Leaves Sugar & Cola)
LKR 500